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Be the change you want to see in the world. He voted against the Defense of Marriage Act. He's an original sponsor of the Equality Act. He is the only candidate that truly sees all humans as equal. And when it wasn't popular. He stood up to Don't Ask, Don't Tell. What I most love about Bernie is that he's always been involved in community action. He didn't care if people called him radical for doing the right thing. I've heard him defend us and stand up for us. Just the first time that I've felt included as a human. I really appreciate Bernie's commitment and authenticity over time. You said something about homos in the military. Was the gentleman referring to the many thousands and thousands of gay people who have put their lives on the line in countless wars. You have insulted thousands. He's been an ally for over three decades. Sé el cambio que quieres ver en nuestro mundo. Be the change you wish to see. Be the change before you see the change. Bernie Sanders is my voice. He's fought for me and now it's my time to fight for him. Be on the right side of history. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to support this man who's been fighting for us for his entire career. And Bernie, you're no longer walking alone. Real change never ever takes place from the top on down. It always takes place from the bottom on up.
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