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It's an American story, isn't it. Growing up on a struggling family farm lost to the bank. Starting out with one store and growing it into 150 of them. Creating thousands of well-paying jobs along the way. Taking that improbable success and sharing it. And that's American too. The best part of America. David Trone offering free GEDs for thousands of employees and domestic partner benefits when no one else was doing it. And spending more than 20 years fighting to make criminal justice a little more just. When you come from a struggling family, you help struggling families. So he had this notion. Take that real-life experience of getting things done to a place where hardly anything gets done. So he's the only candidate for Congress with a plan to reduce college debt, to ensure the minimum wage keeps up with inflation, to stop the scourge of Alzheimer's and strengthen the promise we make with every working American. Occasionally David likes to come back to that lost farm, but in every way that matters, he's never really left. I'm David Trone and I approve this message.
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04/05/2016 UTC
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04/26/2016 UTC
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