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Hi. I'm Desmund Adams and I am running for United States Congress in the 3rd Congressional District. I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself. I have a beautiful wife Shondalay and two amazing sons, Khalil and Solomon. But my story begins as a high school dropout who did not appreciate education, but I have an incredible mother who does. I ended up earning a GED from Job Corps and I went on to earn a bachelor's of science and education from Drake University. And I graduated from Drake University Law School. And I had the distinct honor and privilege of having a clerk internship for the former Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court, Louis Lavorato. I had a successful business career where I earned an award for my business from the Greater Des Moines Partnership. So you might ask, Desmund why do you want to run for United States Congress? I believe that we have intellectually disingenuous leaders today. Leaders that kick the issues down the street like a can. They don't address it. They don't address issues for people. I understand the complexities of Iowa and I understand the diversity within this district. I care about you. I care about my sons. I care about your children and the next generation. I ask you to visit my website DesmundAdams.com so that you can learn about the issues that I'm addressing that impact Iowa and our great nation. It's not about them. It's not about me. It's about we. Thank you for your time.
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