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Our country is at war with extreme ideology that wants to destroy America and we need your opinion on how to stop it. ISIS is taking advantage of a refugee crisis and flooding Europe with jihadists who want to carry out terrorist attacks like we saw in Paris and Belgium. President Obama, Hillary Clinton and others want to accept hundreds of thousands of undocumented Muslim refugees to be placed in communities across America with no way of properly screening these individuals. Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate demanding strong action to keep Americans safe by calling for an immediate halt to Muslims entering the U.S. until we can do proper screening. We need to know your opinion by calling (800) 875-0270 and letting us know if you agree. Do you agree with Donald Trump's strong stance on immigration to keep America safe? Pick up the phone now and call (800) 875-0270 and press 1 if you agree with Donald Trump. Again, call (800) 875-0270 right now. Great America PAC is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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