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Just who is the real Donald Trump? Last week Trump showed us. Trump attacked North Carolina's law keeping grown men out of the girls bathroom, demanded Republicans end opposition to abortion and called for higher taxes on so-called rich people, just like Bernie Sanders. Trump claims he supports American jobs, but he hires illegal aliens, and makes his clothes in Mexico and China. And now Trump's teamed up with amnesty supporter Chris Christie to pack the delegate slate with the same liberal lobbyists and political bosses Trump claims he's against. Who's fighting for us? Ted Cruz. Cruz stopped Obama's push for gun control after Sandy Hook, defeated the Gang of Eight amnesty bill, and leads the fight against radical Islamic terrorism and for our conservative values. Don't be Trump's next sucker. Ted Cruz. For President. Now. Before it's too late. Courageous Conservatives PAC paid for this ad and is solely responsible for its contents. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee. CourageousConservativesPAC.com.
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