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My name is Catina Wright from Franklin County, Virginia and I've been a huge Trump fan for years. I've read all his books, couldn't wait for him to run for president and took a half a day off from work to go to a Trump rally. But halfway through I was appalled and embarrassed I was supporting this man. I was so disgusted I didn't even vote in my primary election and so sorry for that. That's why I'm making this ad. I want to apologize for my few months of temporary insanity supporting Donald Trump. God help our country if this man wins. Hillary Clinton must be stopped and Ted Cruz is the man to do it. Please don't give up. Ted Cruz for President. Let's take our country back. Now. Before it's too late. Courageous Conservatives PAC paid for this ad and is solely responsible for its contents. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee. CourageousConservativesPAC.com.
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