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Hi I'm George Pataki. I was honored to lead the people of New York State as governor for over a decade. I brought to that job the values I learned growing up on a small family farm in the Hudson Valley; The values of hard work, family, faith and community. But mostly what I brought was a belief in America _ that tomorrow would always be better _ and that as a free people we could accomplish anything. Today, too many Americans feel their children's future won't be as bright as their own. They are frightened by the prospect of radical Islam attacking us here. And frightened by a government in Washington that grows more and more powerful. If we're truly going to make America great again - we need to elect a president who will do three things; confront and defeat radical Islam, shrink the size and power of Washington and unite us again in our belief in this great country. As Governor on September 11th, yes I saw unspeakable horror, but I also saw Americans united as never before, and what Americans can do when we stand shoulder to shoulder. On that day and the days that followed we weren't black or white, rich or poor, Republican or democrat - we were just Americans. We need to recapture that spirit. Because I know when we stand together - we can accomplish anything. While tonight is the end of my journey for the White House as I suspend my campaign for president, I am confident we can elect the right person. Someone who will bring us together and who understands that politicians including the president must be the people's servant and not their master. I know the best of America is still ahead of us. Happy New Year, may God bless you and may God bless the United States of America. I'm George Pataki and I approve this message.
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12/30/2015 UTC
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12/30/2015 UTC
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