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Poll after poll shows that in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton is far and away the front-runner in the Democratic field. Been, has been for a while now. The other poll involves the Democrats, and Hillary Clinton, and she is doing remarkably well even though she has. A decisive win too for Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side. The Vermont senator scoring big over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders. His first poll, 13% in New Hampshire. Hillary Clinton, 69% in New Hampshire. A horrible night for the Democratic establishment. They quite frankly, they are trying to spin this loss at just another contest, but of course we know this is so much more than that. This is New Hampshire. The state that she won 8 years ago. That delivered Bill Clinton to the White House in 1992. This. Is this normal? Is this a normal thing that campaigns do? This seemed. No. This shocked me when we go this tonight. No. This is pretty shocking, because it is a three-page memo from the campaign manager defensively explaining how they can come back and win the nomination in March. But this is a moral blow to their campaign. This is a reset for their campaign.
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