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Little Supporter: What did it feel like being the first and only lady running for president? HRC: It was exciting and it was daunting. It was difficult, because I knew when I first ran back in 07-'08 that it was going to be hard, because we had never done it before. HRC: I mean, other women had run, but not in recent times, and not, perhaps, as serious and well funded a campaign as I was able to put together. HRC: And I knew that I really had a lot to prove, because people had to think that a woman could be president. We've never had one before. And I think this time, it seems easier, that people are much more open. HRC: I've said over and over again, I don't want you to vote for me just because I'm a woman. I want you to vote for me on the merits, but one of my merits is that I'm a woman!
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