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Because qualifications count more than money. Because my vote is earned, not bought. Because grassroots power can stop Big Money. Because Jamie has always been a progressive. Because literally Jamie Raskin wrote the book on campaign finance reform. And Jamie's the only candidate who's done more than talk. Because he's the only one who's actually written major progressive laws. To pass the Green Maryland Act. To ban military-style assault weapons in Maryland. Ban the death penalty. Pass equal pay for women. Marriage equality for all. Because no other candidate has that kind of record. And it's not even close. Because Jamie Raskin is one of the coolest, smartest, kindest, most passionate candidates I've ever seen. Because my vote is not for sale. And we need the kind of progressive that money can't buy. Because Jamie Raskin represents us. I'm Jamie Raskin and I approve this message.
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04/23/2016 UTC
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04/26/2016 UTC
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