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We were completely surrounded. A hundred and sixty marines locked in his with 15,000 North Vietnamese. Forty hours with no sleep, fighting hand-to-hand. I turned around to check out my guys and there was a pineapple grenade right behind them. I reached over to grab the grenade and as I threw it I opened my hand to release it and it exploded. When we joined the ____ we fill out a check that says pay to the order of up to including my life. This is no reality show. This is serious business. This is about the livelihood of our kids and grandkids. This commander-in-chief requires training wheels. This nation hungers for leadership. We need Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush will rebuild our military and make us proud to be Americans. Jeb Bush is ready to take the role of Commander in Chief. Jeb Bush has experience and leadership skills. He represents the beliefs of this country. He'll have the American people's confidence and he will be respected on the world stage. I'm jeb Bush and I approve this message.
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12/01/2015 UTC
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12/16/2015 UTC
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