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I've got your 6. It's a military term for I've got your back. Because your back is in the 6 o'clock position. For most of his life Joe Sestak has had our 6. Joe Sestak became a three-star Navy admiral, served President Clinton and led the Navy's anti-terrorism unit. Joe's got your 6. I never thought I'd leave the military. But when my four-year-old daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer I had only to help her fight. In those hospitals I met too many families that didn't have health insurance and it drove me to fight for them. Joe ran for Congress, took on the system and fought to pass Obamacare. Joe's got your 6. Joe Sestak helped over 18,000 constituents, seniors, veterans and families. Joe's got your 6. I'm running for the Senate to be the people's champion, to defend Obamacare, protect Social Security and to support our veterans. I've got Pennsylvania's 6. I'm Joe Sestak, Democrat for Senate and I approved this message.
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03/16/2016 UTC
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03/25/2016 UTC
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