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Everyone knows Kelly Ayotte voted against more background checks for gun sales. But now she's trying again to hide her vote from Granite Staters. Kelly's voted for background checks. Three years ago the gun lobby helped hide her vote, making the same claim in their ad. Kelly Ayotte voted for a bipartisan plan to make background checks more effective. And here's how that particular sleight of hand works. It is a standard Washington trick. After Kelly Ayotte stood on the Senate floor as part of a minority that was able to block the will of the majority of the Senate to legislate expanded background checks, she stood on the Senate floor and voted for a fake background check bill so that later she could claim. It's a bill that I did support. If she needed to. Kelly's voted for background checks. That she voted for some kind of background checks. Kelly Ayotte was trying to mislead Granite Staters in 2013 and she's trying to mislead them now. Tell Kelly Ayotte to come clean about her real record. The same one the gun lobby supports.
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