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I announce my candidacy for President of the United States. When we got into this and when you, when Marco got into this, you prayed about it. Marco prayed about it. So did I and we, we ultimately made a decision that this is something that Marco felt so passionate, you know, in, in wanting to do. I also felt that as his wife and as, as his partner, and feeling what he does feel for what, you know, what this country and the opportunity to give back, that it was important for us to do this. And I say this is us because we're a team. Being an American to me is a gift and it's one of the things that, one of the principles that I want to teach my kids. You know, my mom struggled a lot. It was very difficult for her when she became a single mom because she had to figure out how to put food on the table, how to make sure we had electricity. It was difficult. It makes everything so much harder. Marco's parents, they were amazing people. I mean, his mom is amazing. They came into the country, his mom being a maid and his father being a bartender, trying to raise four kids. That wasn't easy. Just seeing the impact that they made for their sacrifice of, of being able to give their kids education, a stable environment, a home. This country gives you a chance of being able to give your kids what you wouldn't be able to get in other, in other places. I'm just so glad they're on the road with me, and in so many ways, this campaign is about them, about what kind of America they're going to inherit. What kind of America your kids are going to inherit. And it always makes it better when they're with me so I thank. It's amazing because I see so much of Marco in all of my kids. You know, Daniella's passion. I mean, Marco, when he dives into something, when he wants to know about an issue, he, he's in, he just, he's going to know everything about it. Amanda's very deep, loves to read books. And Anthony is the same way. Such a good boy and Dominick is just very charismatic, and I think that, so many of my kids, I see so much of that in, in, so much of them in Marco. Family is a gift. God, I mean, God has given us such a gift. I cannot be more thankful.
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11/25/2015 UTC
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03/16/2016 UTC
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