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Security solutions require clear voices. What happens if we retreat? What happens is you'll leave a space, and that space will be filled by someone else. The only nations right now that can even try to do it are nations that don't believe in the things that we believe in. And so in this twenty-first century, who will win? Whose idea will continue to spread across the globe? Will it be our ideas of freedom, democracy and free enterprise, or will it be their ideas of state-owned enterprises and totalitarianism. Learn more at ConservativeSolutionsProject.com
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11/11/2015 UTC
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11/23/2015 UTC
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The Political TV Ad Archive, powered by the Internet Archive, is pulling together resources from a variety of sources to create an archive of political TV ads in key primary states. Each ad has its own canonical web page (sample here), and associated downloadable metadata. Some metadata are added by the Internet Archive; some generated via the media itself (such as count of ads, how many times an ad has aired, etc.); and some come from our partners.