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After securing the border? Well first, not just secure the border. People have to have confidence that you're doing, that you've done it. In essence, I do not believe, having worked on this issue now for a long time, including just personally having come from the background I come from, that the American people are going to support anything on immigration until first they believe that illegal immigration is truly under control. That means finishing a wall and fencing, new border patrol agents, an entry-exit tracking system, and e-verify. Only after that's in place and that's working can we go to the American people, and see what they are willing to support. I think. The only way forward on immigration, and I know this having gone through this process. The only way forward on this issue is to first bring illegal immigration under control and prove to people. And it's not even enough to pass a bill that secures the border. You have to do it first. And only after you've done it, will the American people support you doing anything else. When I'm President. When I'm the nominee. We're gonna help. We're gonna keep our majority in the House and Senate, and we're gonna pass, first and foremost, immigration laws that secure our border. And until that is in place, we're not gonna be able to do anything else. That's the lesson of the last ten years. The American people. We do not have the political support to do it all at once. They do not trust the federal government to enforce immigration laws and as a result, the key that unlocks the door to be able to make progress on immigration, is to bring illegal immigration under control. And we will do that when I am President.
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01/31/2016 UTC
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02/03/2016 UTC
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