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I was skeptical. I've had their matches before. Santorum, Huckabee, Christie. They've all left me hanging. I'm still looking for that perfect match. Someone who hates Obamacare just as much as I do. With gop-Harmony.com, your search is over. Just take our short quiz and gopHarmony will match you up with a candidate that is as out of touch with reality as you are, or more. I wanted to find my match easily, without the constant disappointment. I also don't want to let Mexicans and Muslims in the country. I have no idea how the economy works and that's okay because neither does anyone on gopHarmony. We measure over a dozen metrics to determine which uninformed GOP candidate matches with your views. I matched with Marco Rubio on gopHarmony because I believe Barack Obama knows exactly what he's doing. Exactly what he's doing. You know, I want a candidate who is as excited to melt my heart as they are to melt the polar ice caps. If you're the kind of person who other people don't like being around, then gopHarmony is perfect. You'll find a slew of candidates exactly like you. We knew we found the perfect match when we heard those three magic words. Defund Planned Parenthood. gop-Harmony.com. Please clap.
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