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Corrupt Marco Rubio has spent years defrauding the people of Florida. As a legislator, he flipped on a key vote after making a quick 200,000 from selling his house to the mother of the bill's lobbyist. He used the Republican Party's credit card to pave his driveway and to live it up in Las Vegas. When he got caught, he said he had used the wrong credit card. But he had used the same Republican Party card for six flights between Miami and Tallahassee, then billed the state for the same airline tickets and pocketed the cash until, once again, he got caught. On top of it all, Rubio's been a total no-show in the U.S. Senate, with the worst voting record of all. Marco Rubio. Another corrupt, all-talk, no-action politician. I'm Donald Trump and I approved this message.
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This ad asserts that Marco Rubio "flipped on a key vote after making a quick $200,000 from selling the house to the mother of the bill's lobbyist," PolitiFact rules the claim as "Mostly False. "Trump’s claim has a basis in real events, but there are several problems with the ethical implication he’s making about Rubio’s time in the Legislature."

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03/07/2016 UTC
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03/15/2016 UTC
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