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There's a surge going on with Marco Rubio. A good night for Marco Rubio. It is Marcomentum. An event here crisscrossing the state. The person to watch is Marco Rubio. Rubio does appear to have some momentum. Rubio is the candidate who can really unify the whole party. A good night for Marco Rubio. A big night for Marco Rubio. He may very well be the story of the Iowa caucuses coming to New Hampshire. I believe with all my heart that our children and grandchildren are going to be the freest and the most prosperous Americans that have ever lived. I believe that history will say of this generation that we lived in an uncertain time, but like the generations that came before us, we rose up to the task, we confronted our challenges and we embraced our opportunities. And because we did, our children inherited the single greatest nation in the history of all mankind.
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01/30/2016 UTC
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02/09/2016 UTC
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