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What makes a farmer? It's the long days, the late hours and the last minute. It's straight rows and no cutting corners. It's no weekends, no quitting and no excuses. They're up before dawn. They don't stop at dark. Their creed is seed, weed and feed. And then tomorrow, they'll do it all over again. With grit, guts and God's grace, they get it done. And that's what we need in the Senate. Marlin Stutzman is a farmer. Four generations have worked this soil, fed families and made America strong. Marlin is an unflinching conservative, firmly rooted in faith and family. On the farm, problems don't fix themselves and Marlin believes that's something Washington better learn. In a Capitol filled with lawyers, we need a farmer. Conservative Marlin Stutzman for Senate. I'm Marlin Stutzman and I approved this message.
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