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I like green eggs and ham. Ted Cruz is wonderful at reading children's fairy tales on the Senate floor. Sam I am. Rick Santorum spent his time in the Senate a little differently. Eight years on the Senate Armed Services Committee, helping to modernize today's army to better be prepared for today's threats. Santorum also wrote and passed tough laws putting harsh sanctions on Iran. And for more than a decade, Rick Santorum has been a leader taking on radical Islam. Not all Muslims are jihadists and no one would say that. But the reality is, all jihadists are Muslims. You want someone to read one hell of a bedtime story. Ted Cruz is your guy. If you want to protect America and defeat ISIS, Rick Santorum is your president, because serious times need serious people. I'm Rick Santorum and I approve this message.
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01/04/2016 UTC
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01/06/2016 UTC
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