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Wealth. Power. Privilege. Some people are born into the club. It's the Rob Portman story. Old money and exclusive schools. Over 30 years ago Portman went to Washington to join a politically-connected lobbying firm, and he's been working for the rich and powerful ever since. A dedicated outsourcer he's been one of the nation's biggest cheerleaders for trade agreements that have cost millions of American jobs, from NAFTA to CAFTA to fast-tracking the TPP, Portman's never met a free trade agreement he didn't like. For years he's been a pushover for China. It was his job to stop China's illegal dumping of steel. He failed. Looked the other way. Did nothing. And Ohio paid the price. Instead Portman rewarded China with permanent Most Favored Nation status. In Congress he voted for a plan that eliminated overtime pay for six million American workers and supported raising the retirement age for Social Security. As Budget Director he proposed cutting Medicare. In the Senate he voted to cut Pell Grants and opposed the automobile rescue, calling it a lousy deal for Ohio. He's done so much to protect the big banks and Wall Street CEOs, one lobbyist said Portman's face belongs on the Mount Rushmore of the financial services industry. And when the Republican leadership said they wouldn't even hold hearings for a Supreme Court nominee, Rob Portman fell in line and did what he was told. Because falling in line is what you do when you've spent your whole life as a member of the club. Rob Portman. The ultimate Washington insider. This November, let's break up the club.

This ad from Ted Strickland's campaign for the Ohio Senate claims that it was his opponent, Rob Portman’s "job to stop China’s illegal dumping of steel. He failed, looked the other way, did nothing." PolitiFact rules: "False."

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