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On a cold, windswept day, Scott Walker solemnly took the oath of office. His state faced a staggering deficit. Unemployment lines were long. So he took big, bold action. The left erupted. They stormed the capital. But Scott Walker stood his ground. Unintimidated. They even threatened his family. But he stood firm and he won. The battle left the big government special interests crippled. But the real winners. Children. Taxpayers. Seniors. He told people who he was, what he believed, what he was gonna do and he got elected. Then he did it. And his reforms are working. Unable to make him cave, the left tried to recall him. They threw everything at him. And he beat them again. Scott Walker remains Wisconsin's Governor. Scott Walker routed the recall. It wasn't even close. Why'd he win? He balanced the budget. He lowered taxes. He's turning our economy around, reforming our schools. Courage is on the ballot. What the left is trying to do is send a signal to any other reformer like Scott Walker. Don't dare try this cause we'll get you next. And the left couldn't believe it. To say that I'm shocked and stunned is pretty much an understatement. We all thought it was going to be a long night. I had chocolate for dinner. Maybe the recall of Governor Scott Walker would be actually be decided in a matter of 49 minutes. This election tonight may have just been one recall election for one governor seat. What happens as a result of this could be the biggest politics story of all.
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