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America doesn't need more Washington deals. And it is a good deal. A deal that meets our core objectives. We've paid for too many already. Done deal. What exactly is in this deal? Pop culture politicians got us into this mess. We need a principled, conservative fighter to get us out. Only one candidate fought the President's disastrous health care deal. This is, right now, and the continuing resolution, our best opportunity, and it may well be our last opportunity, to defund it. Only one candidate single-handedly stopped his own party's bad deal on amnesty. Republicans seemed to be on the verge of passing reforms that included a pathway to citizenship. That is, until Cruz blasted it as amnesty. Only one conservative is the candidate you can trust to stand on principle and fight for our values. Cruz, as you know, is somebody who is the keeper of conservative principles. On February 9th, vote for the conservative you can trust. I'm Ted Cruz and I approved this message.
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01/29/2016 UTC
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02/17/2016 UTC
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