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We know Ted Strickland failed as our governor. Ohio lost over three hundred and fifty thousand jobs, and was ranked 48th in job creation. But Congressman Strickland's record in Washington was just as troubling. Strickland spent more than a decade in Congress and sponsored zero bills that became law. Ted Strickland didn't even bother to show up for work, at one point skipping forty percent of his votes, one of the worst records in all of Congress. And after Ohio fired Ted Strickland as governor, he went back to D.C. to cash in, working for a liberal special-interest group. I want to tell you, I had a job last year that was a dream job. Paid me more money than I've ever made in my life. Strickland's D.C. dream job meant lobbying for a liberal group that supports policies that hurt Ohio families. Obamacare, higher taxes and job-killing regulations. Ted Strickland. A record of failure everywhere. Don't let Retread Ted take Ohio backwards again.
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