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Ted Strickland's lousy record. He crippled Ohio's economy, leaving less than a dollar in the rainy day fund and called Obamacare good for Ohio. Why go back to what didn't work? We need Rob Portman. Moving Ohio forward, battling the bureaucrats and fighting unfair regulations. He opposed Obamacare and now he's fighting to fix the mess. Rob Portman. Getting things done for Ohio. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is responsible for the content of this advertising.

"This commercial sounds a refrain you’ll hear from Strickland opponents throughout this campaign cycle: That Strickland single-handedly tanked the state economy. That’s a vast oversimplification," reports the Columbus Dispatch about this ad sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Many of the factors Strickland faced were beyond his control, reports the paper-- "for example, the housing market’s collapse and the banking scandal nationwide were unrelated to him." Also, "Strickland did spend down the rainy day fund, bringing it from $1 billion to 89 cents. But he did so to balance the state’s budget, as required by the state Constitution." Finally, "Neither Strickland nor Portman, meanwhile, can argue that they had a direct hand in passing or opposing Obamacare. That bill wasn’t passed until 2010 — Strickland’s last year as governor, and coincidentally a year when Portman wasn’t yet in the Senate and thus had no vote on the bill. But Portman has consistently verbally opposed the bill, just as Strickland has supported it."

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