A number of news outlets have reported that Hillary Clinton’s TV ad strategy in New Hampshire has focused on her stance on gun safety, whereas Bernie Sanders, who hails from the rural state of Vermont, where gun control is unpopular,  has avoided the issue in his TV ads.

“Analysts say Clinton may be pushing the gun issue more in New Hampshire as a way to distinguish herself from Bernie Sanders, who leads polls in the state,” reports ABC News.

The issue also loomed large in the Democratic debate in Charleston, when Clinton baldly stated that Sanders “has voted with the NRA, with the gun lobby numerous times.”

Sanders protested, calling Clinton “disingenuous.”

Our partners at the Washington Post’s Fact Checker have dissected Clinton’s claims about Sanders’ record and found they “pass the muster.” They also just published this handy guide, “Everything you wanted to know about Bernie Sanders’s record on guns.”

In short, while it’s true that Sanders has hardly earned top scores from the National Rifle Association for his stance on guns — his scores range between C-minus and F — he has earned some Pinocchios from the fact checkers for his glossing over his record on specific votes on gun issues over the years.

See the ad on guns that Hillary Clinton’s campaign ran exclusively in the New Hampshire here.

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