Dispatches from the TV Archive Team

Trump’s closing political ads: Clinton darkness vs Trump light

The votes are cast and Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. And it wasn’t a traditional paid political TV advertising strategy that got him there. At every juncture, during the primary season and then on through the general election, he was out-advertised by his opponents, though to be sure he trounced them all with “earned” […]

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Fact checks on political ads making claims about marijuana, nuclear treaties, guns & more

Inspired by our partners at PolitiFact, who just published a piece fact-checking the top 10 most aired presidential political ads from recent weeks, we’ve dug further back through the Political TV Ad Archive to compile more fact checks of ads that have gotten significant airplay during the final months of the campaign.   In this ad, Hillary Clinton claims, “Donald Trump says he alone can fix the […]

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Fact checking most aired Clinton, Trump political ads

Our partners at PolitiFact have fact checked the top 10 most-aired presidential ads from key markets in swing states tracked by the Political TV Ad Archive in recent weeks. Of the top ten, seven are pro-Clinton, and only three are pro-Trump. Unsurprisingly, in an especially nasty campaign season, seven out of the ten ads are attack ads, like this one from Priorities […]

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