Dispatches from the TV Archive Team

Ready, set, share! How to post quick clips from Internet Archive’s near real-time livestream of debates

It’s time. The debate’s red hot, and you just heard an exchange you’re dying to share out on Twitter or your news site. So what do you do? Visit our near real-time URL for the debate, where the Internet Archive is serving debate clips and transcripts up in near real-time. Each debate will have a unique URL, which we’ll post on our debates […]

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Internet Archive data fuels journalists’ analyses of how TV news shows covered prez debate

The presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on September 26 drew an audience of 84 million, shattering records. It was also a first for the Internet Archive, which made data publicly available, for free, on how TV news shows covered the debate. These data, generated by the Duplitron, the open source tool used to generate counts of ad airings for […]

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Clinton’s debate prep most aired clip on morning news shows

Hillary Clinton talking about her preparation for the debate — and the presidency — was one of the most aired clips on TV news shows the morning following the first presidential debate, according to analysis of TV News Archive data by the Wall Street Journal. The most aired clip on TV news shows the morning after the first presidential debate […]

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