Tonight, when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off in the final 2016 presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada, we’ll be there.

Here is the URL for the near real-time livestream of the presidential debate tonight. Use this URL to view, edit, and share video of the debate. Here are seven sharp things you can do with it, some examples of what others have done during earlier debates, and a quick how-to on navigating the site. And here’s a backup URL, just in case the Internet tubes clog and something goes wrong with the first one.

Tonight we’ll also be offering a new service for media outlets: we’ll be standing at the ready preparing clips of key moments of the debate while it’s still happening, which we’re happy to share with you if you run a live blog, are tweeting, or fact checking in real time or after. If you see something you’d like us to clip, contact us at

In addition: we’ll continue to use our Duplitron — the same tool we use to count political ad airings — to track which debate clips get picked up by TV news shows following the debate. We will make these available on our debate page as the data are crunched for three different periods: immediate post debate commentary; the morning shows on Thursday morning; and then the first 26 hours following the debate.
In the words of the hit musical “Hamilton,” “history is happening.” We’ll see you while it’s being made, here on the blog and on twitter @PolitAdArchive.
faraiimage used Internet Archive video clip in live blog during the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.