In this hyper-localized ad, the narrator tells a South Carolina audience that Cruz will protect jobs in Fort Jackson, a local army base, drawing a sharp contrast with President Barack Obama, whom is accused of “threatening 3,000 jobs at Fort Jackson”–a claim that fact checkers say does not hold up to muster.

“The ad’s claim is based on a worst-case projection from a 2014 U.S. Army report which is now long out of date, and never came to pass. “That [3,000 figure] ended up being the 180,” Fort Jackson spokesman Patrick Jones told us,” reports Eugene Kiely, director of

As similar conclusion was drawn by Jack Kuenzie, senior reporter for WIS News, a local station in  in Columbia, South Carolina, captured below by the Internet Archive’s Television Archive. He quotes civilian aide to the army, Bill Dukes, who told the station that “Cruz can’t say 3,000,” and that “the Midlands dodged a bullet in the first round of restructuring.”

In an analysis of the strategy behind the ad, CNN reports, “Cruz is increasingly seeing South Carolina as the rubber match between him and Donald Trump after each might claim an early-voting state, and the spot is a personalized pitch to security-minded voters and veterans…While digital advertising is commonly geo-targeted, it is somewhat unusual to design a television spot for one media market.”