Hillary Clinton’s campaign favors the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” for running political ads, while Bernie Sanders aims at “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Why might that be?

Fusion reporters Daniel McLaughlin and Kate Stohr downloaded the Political TV Ad Archive’s data set, mashed it up with demographic information from Nielsen,which tracks ratings and demographics, and juxtaposed the two to give a clue as to how presidential campaigns are targeting their outreach. Is it any accident that Ellen draws women (71 percent) who happen to largely be over 50 years of age (67 percent)? Or that 71 percent of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” viewers are male? (Interestingly, viewers are still in the over 50 crowd:  67 percent.)

Such analyses are now possible with the Political TV Ad Archive’s recent release of detailed data about the TV programs in which political ads air. Data are available for download here. Hint: the TV program details are in the download labeled “Download details of ad airings on TV.”

Other findings from Fusion’s analysis? Marco Rubio’s favorite show is ”The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” Ditto Donald Trump. Ted Cruz favors “Jeopardy,” and John Kasich, is another “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” fan.

Read the full piece here. McLaughlin and Stohr are careful to caveat that their findings are limited by the scope of the data, which at present includes information about political ads airing in nine key primary states: Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, Colorado, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and Florida.

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