It’s March Madness time, and political ad sponsors are targeting voters watching basketball. Here are the political ads that aired during the NCAA Championship Selection show yesterday, as captured by the Political TV Ad Archive. The project is tracking ads in three of the states that go to the polls on Tuesday: Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio.

Hillary Clinton ran two different ads that have been playing widely in all three of these states. This one focuses on police-related deaths in the African American community. The narrator says: “She says their names. Trayvon Martin. Shot to death. Dontre Hamilton. Unarmed. Sandra Bland. Did nothing wrong,” and goes on to say that she “stands with the President against those who would undo his achievements, just like she’s always stood with us.” The second ad focuses on the high price of prescription drugs.

Bernie Sanders ran three different ads during the NCAA Championship Selection show. All three are ads have aired in other primary states that held earlier contests, and they focus on the main themes of his campaign: income inequality, a “rigged economy,” and how special interests have skewed the political system. Here is the one that’s gotten the most airplay nationwide in the eight key primary states the Political TV Ad Archive has tracked. PolitiFact has given it a rating of “Half True.”

On the Republican side, Donald Trump ran two ads during the NCAA Championship Selection show. This one is a standard ad he has run widely in many states, which shows the candidate saying he will “make America great again.” The other is a hit on rival Marco Rubio, which asserts that he “flipped on a key vote after making a quick $200,000 from selling the house to the mother of the bill’s lobbyist.” PolitiFact rated the ad as “Mostly False.”

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz ran this ad, which focuses on jobs and the economy, stating and his support for a flat tax and repeal of Obamacare. It has been airing widely in North Carolina leading up to tomorrow’s vote.

Finally, Conservative Solutions PAC, the super PAC supporting Marco Rubio, ran this ad, which has been airing widely in Florida. The ad claims that only Rubio among the GOP contenders can beat Hillary Clinton.