If you live in the Bay Area, you wouldn’t know that two Democratic Senate candidates are running political TV ads–unless you’re watching Spanish-language cable stations.

In the run up to the California primaries on June 7, both California Attorney General Kamala Harris, and Loretta Sanchez, a state representative, will gain places on the November ballot if they are the top two vote getters overall, including Republicans. In Democratic-leaning California, and according to recent polling, there’s a strong chance of this happening, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Both Sanchez and Harris are advertising exclusively in the Bay Area on local Univision and Telemundo stations. Sanchez has a trio of ads that began airing on May 17 and are continuing to run. All three focus on immigration. Together they’ve run more than 240 times in the Bay Area, and counting.

Kamala Harris has stuck to one Spanish ad, which began airing on May 19, and is also still running. So far, it’s run 64 times, and also discusses immigration and other issues.

In other parts of the state, the two candidates are branching out from Spanish-language stations. For example, in Los Angeles, the pair are both advertising on KCBS, which is owned by CBS, according to Political Ad Sleuth. And in San Diego, the pair are advertising on KNSD, a local NBC station.

The Political TV Ad Archive is tracking airings of California ads exclusively in the San Francisco area. To download data about all of the two Democratic Senate candidates’ ads, click here.