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I love the poorly educated. That's really what Donald Trump is all about. He thinks we're fools. Trump uses sleazy bankruptcy laws to avoid paying workers. He bans disabled veterans from his high-rise. He even tried to use eminent domain to kick a widow from her home. Donald Trump. Puts himself first and us last. I love the poorly educated. Conservative Solutions PAC is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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This ad from the pro-Marco Rubio super PAC Conservative Solutions claims that Donald Trump “bans disabled veterans from his high rise.” Factcheck.org says this claim "may leave a misleading impression." Trump has not outright banned veterans, but rather, he has lobbied local politicians to ban street vendors, including those with special disabled veteran's licenses, from operating on the street where Trump Tower is located. The super PAC changed the wording in the ad after FactCheck.org published its story and PolitiFact reporters started asking questions. The audio now says: "bans veterans from in front of his high rise."

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02/26/2016 UTC
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03/07/2016 UTC
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