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Obamacare is failing Arizonans. First, a massive rate hike more than twice the national average. Then, America's largest health insurer abandoned Arizona's failing Obamacare exchange. That's devastating, especially to rural counties. Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick bragged about her Obamacare vote, saying it's also the one I'm most proud about. While Kirkpatrick's proud of putting us at risk, John McCain is leading the fight to stop Obamacare. I'm John McCain and I approve this message.

This ad from the McCain campaign says that 30,000 Arizonans "may have no choice" for Affordable Care Act coverage. The claim, reports PolitiFact, is "Mostly True;" while the number is a snapshot in time, it is true that in 2017, Blue Cross Blue Shield "stands to be the the lone health insurer for Arizonans seeking health insurance" in eight counties.

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09/04/2016 UTC
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09/04/2016 UTC
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