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I bought Puerto Rican bonds for my retirement. Small investors like Teresa own eighty percent of Puerto Rico's debt. We believed these investments were safe. But leaders in Washington want to grant Puerto Rico Super Chapter 9 bankruptcy. This is a bailout of Puerto Rico on the backs of savers like Teresa. Congress wants to bail out of Puerto Rico with Teresa's retirement savings. My life savings will be crushed. Tell Washington no Super Chapter 9 bankruptcy for Puerto Rico.

The Center for Individual Freedom, a 501(c) nonprofit group that is not required to disclose its donors, claims that Congress is considering a plan to “bailout” Puerto Rico on the “backs of savers,” like a woman named Teresa Garcia featured in the ad. The Washington Post's Fact Checker gives the claim "Two Pinocchios": "People like Garcia likely will get a lower return on their investment after the restructuring.... [but] delaying a restructuring — or resorting to a default — likely leads to worse circumstances for ordinary bondholders."

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04/22/2016 UTC
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04/30/2016 UTC
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