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Being a warrior is about believing in what you are fighting for and holding strong to those convictions. I felt a sense of duty and I could not in good conscience stay back here in beautiful Hawaii, and watch my brothers and sisters in uniform go off into combat. These are people. Friends who we never forget. And who we strive to honor every day that we are blessed to live and breathe. Bernie Sanders voted against the Iraq war. He understands the cost of war. That that cost is continued when our veterans come home. Bernie Sanders will defend our country and take the trillions of dollars that are spent on these interventionist, regime change, unnecessary wars, and invest it here at home. The American people are not looking to settle for inches. They're looking for real change. What I saw in Bernie was a heart of Aloha. No matter who you are or where you come from in this country, that we are all in this together. My name is Tulsi Gabbard, and I support Bernie Sanders to be our next president and commander in chief. I'm Bernie Sanders and I approve this message.
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03/25/2016 UTC
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03/26/2016 UTC
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