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If you're doing everything right, but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. While our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. My plan: Make Wall Street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair_ share of taxes. Provide living wages for working people. Ensure equal pay for women. I'm Bernie Sanders. I approve this message because together we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few.
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Bernie Sanders has made income inequality a central theme of his campaign. This ad aired widely in Iowa before the caucuses and is getting wide airplay in Nevada leading up to caucuses there. PolitiFact rates claims in this particular ad as "half true"; for example, "while the super-rich may have accumulated 91 percent of the new wealth from 2009 to 2013...the latest analysis shows the ratio is now 58 percent since 2009...That's a huge amount of new income for just 1 percent of the population, but it's a stretch to say that it's "almost all."

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11/20/2015 UTC
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04/25/2016 UTC
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