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I'm Chris Van Hollen and I approve this message. An attack ad from the campaign for Donna Edwards. So untrue. So outrageous that President Obama said pull it down. The Obama White House called the ad on Chris Van Hollen and the NRA misleading. The Sun says Van Hollen and President Obama have the exact same position. The Post praised Van Hollen as a leading champion on gun safety and condemned the Edwards' ads that mislead voters. Donna Edwards. Will she say anything to win an election?

Van Hollen began running this ad attacking Donna Edwards, his opponent in the Maryland Democratic Senate primary, as a response to this super PAC ad accusing Van Hollen of working with the NRA to craft a loophole in a campaign finance law. Van Hollen's ad references the White House's request that the super PAC pull down the ad. The super PAC supporting Edwards is still running the ad; however, references to Obama have been removed in recent airings (such as this one).

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04/14/2016 UTC
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04/26/2016 UTC
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