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I'm David Trone and I'm running for Congress. If you don't know where I stand, I'll tell you. I'm 100% pro-choice. We fought too hard to ever go back. I'm for gun control. By the end of today, 191 people have been gunned down in America. This insanity has to end. I'm for raising the minimum wage and tying it to inflation. Working families desperately need it. It'll not only boost our economy but boost the lives of 35 million Americans. I'm for reforming our criminal justice system. Too many people are locked up in America and way too many of them are people of color. And I'm for strengthening our Social Security. Working people have earned it and we need to protect it. And there's one other thing you need to know about where I stand. It's with you. I'm the only candidate who won't be taking a dime from PACs, lobbyists or corporations. I'd rather spend my own money than owe anything to special interest. This commercial is bought and paid for. As your congressman, I won't be. I'm David Trone and I approve this message.
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04/05/2016 UTC
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04/19/2016 UTC
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