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These boots have forged footprints in the deserts of Afghanistan, on military installations worldwide, and today on the floor of the Maryland House of Delegates. But no matter where they've gone, the same mission has followed them. Serving my country and my community. My name is David Vogt. I'm a Maryland state delegate, a Marine combat veteran and the 2010 marine of the year. And I'm running for Congress to be your boots on the ground in Washington D.C. In the House of Delegates, I have a proven record of conservative leadership. I've helped reduce taxes for families and businesses, joined Governor Hogan in passing the most fiscally responsible budget in forty years, led the fight against Common Core, and helped hold the line in protecting individual liberties that our constitution grants. Just as I had put these boots on the ground serving our country in combat, continued by serving our community in the state legislature, I will do the same in the U.S. Congress. I'm David Vogt and I humbly ask you to allow me to continue my service by representing you in Congress.
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