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Without education you cannot have the American Dream. Some people say the American Dream is dead. I don't disagree with them. The American Dream is dead. But we're gonna make it bigger and better and stronger than ever before. But again, without education you can't do that. So we're getting rid of Common Core. We're taking Common Core. It's going to be gone. There won't be education from Washington D.C. There'll be education locally. The love of parents. The love of these people that love their children and they're in the area. That's what we're gonna do. We'll have school boards and we'll have have local. We're not going to have it through Washington. So Common Core is dead. And we're going to take education and we're going to make it local. We'll save money. Our education will be much better. Do you know in the world today we're ranked number thirty. Number thirty. So we're at the bottom of the list and yet per pupil, we pay the most. You look at other countries. Denmark. Sweden. China. Norway. These are countries that are right at the top and they spend much less money than us. So we're going local. It's going to be great. And we're going to spend less money and we're going to move up that list very, very rapidly.
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