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Front-runner in the presidential race, and we need you to pick up the phone and let us know your opinion. Mr. Trump will have the most delegates by a wide margin, but the GOP establishment is determined to deny him the nomination anyway possible, even if it means a contested convention. We want to know your opinion. Do you think it is wrong to try and deny Donald Trump the nomination through a contested convention? Please pick up the phone right now, and call (800) 332-1499 and press 1 if you think it is wrong. The American voters have spoken and it would be an injustice if the GOP establishment put their candidate in place to protect business as usual in Washington. Don't let this happen. Call (800) 332-1499 now and press 1 to let us know your opinion. Again, call (800) 332-1499. Call now. Great America PAC is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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Trump says he's opposed to super PACs, but this ad from the Great America PAC, reports the Center for Public Integrity, has been running ads supporting him. Technically, Great America PAC is a "hybrid PAC," which acts as both a super PAC and a regular PAC. Its backers are largely small donors; its treasurer is Dan Backer, a conservative attorney who has successfully challenged aggregate campaign finance contribution limits in McCutcheon v. FEC.

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