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The city of Flint has no fresh, clean water source. The water is poison. We can't drink the water. We can't bathe in the water. We can't cook with the water. There was a time when we were alone and nobody heard our story. I am here because for nearly two years, Flint's water was poisoned. Hillary Clinton came here to show the she's standing with us. She's the one that brought this to another level of attention and that's what we needed. If what had been happening in Flint had happened in Grosse Pointe or Bloomfield Hills, I think we all know we would have had a solution yesterday. Hillary Clinton really cares about people. She's awesome. When you have somebody like that fighting for you and supporting you, and saying I've got your back, you can't ask for much more. And I will fight for you in Flint no matter how long it takes. I'm Hillary Clinton and I approved this message.
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02/26/2016 UTC
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03/05/2016 UTC
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