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Max Power here to tell you about amazing presidential candidate! Bailout Bush. Hey if you love bailouts you're going to love Bailout Bush. Not only does he come with his own personal $4 million bailout check that he got while his dad was president -- crazy but true and there's more. Bailout Bush loves TARP. Don't take my word for it. I think that was probably the right thing to do. He practically sells himself. It's incredible. But wait there's more. Bailout Bush consulted the Wall Street firm of Lehman brothers and then watched it crash. Then Bailout Bush jumped ship to Barclay's the Wall Street bank that got buckets and buckets of your bailout cash. Act now and we'll send you Bevy a bailout loving lobbyist. Look, this is the deal of the decade. Right now! Look I love bailouts, you love bailouts, we all love bailouts. Look, trust me, Bailout Bush! This offer guarantees a presidential candidate cannot win a single primary state let alone the general election. Returns and refunds are not accepted.
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