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I'm Donald Trump and I approve this message. After John Kasich helped Wall Street predator Lehman Brothers destroy the world economy, he decided to run for governor of Ohio. John Kasich has been an absentee governor, spending most of his time everywhere but Ohio. Especially Michigan, the latest disaster in his failing presidential bid. Kasich gave Ohio Obamacare and increased our budget more than any other governor in the U.S. We don't need him in Ohio and we certainly don't need him in Washington. John Kasich. Just another all talk, no action politician.
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"John Kasich helped Wall Street predator Lehman Brothers destroy the world economy," claims this ad, which Trump's campaign has aired in Ohio leading up to the March 15 primary. The Washington Post's Fact Checker gives the ad "four Pinocchios," meaning it's a "whopper." "[I]t’s preposterous and simply not credible to say Kasich, as one managing director out of 700, in a firm of 25,000, “helped” the firm “destroy the world economy.”

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03/11/2016 UTC
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03/16/2016 UTC
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