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20 million Americans are out of work. That's unacceptable. But John Kasich won't stop until that number is zero. As governor, Kasich delivered the largest tax cut in the nation and over four hundred thousand new jobs have been created through his leadership. As President, Kasich will cut taxes, freeze new regulations and reshore American jobs. So punch the clock. Take that to the bank. America, let's go to work. John Kasich. I'm John Kasich and I approved this message.

This ad from John Kasich's campaign claims that "20 million Americans are out of work." PolitiFact rates this claim as "Half True," since the statement, while partially accurate, takes job statistics out of context. The same ad claims Kasich "delivered the largest tax cut in the nation." PolitiFact rates this claim as "Mostly False."

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02/27/2016 UTC
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02/27/2016 UTC
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