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Washington is broken and both parties are to blame. But it will never get better if we keep sending people to Washington who will say or do anything to get elected. It's time for a president who will stand up to runaway government and fight Washington special interests in both parties. I tell people all the time: America doesn't owe me anything, but I have a debt to America I can never repay. I'm Marco Rubio and I approved of this message.

With the Iowa caucus just days away, Marco Rubio is airing this ad heavily in Iowa markets. "Washington is broken, and both parties are to blame," Rubio tells the audience, claiming he'll stand up to "special interests." To see a list of the top donors to Rubio's campaign committee from our partners at the Center for Responsive Politics, click here.

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01/26/2016 UTC
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02/18/2016 UTC
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