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Marco Rubio, you join us now. Thanks so much for joining us. I appreciate it. Here's what I know and that is, we're working really hard and we left last night right after the debate. We're here in New Hampshire, ready to work this morning. We'll be in Iowa all day tomorrow. I thought last night was the beginning of the fourth quarter here. I think that he is, that if the Democrats are more scared of anybody, they're scared of Marco Rubio. He is young, charismatic, optimistic. I think Rubio is gonna be tough. You've only got one candidate that me and my friends would vote for. Rubio. I'm terrified of Rubio. I do not want him to win. That's the one we don't want. He comes in with Florida. He comes in with the Latino connection. He comes in with the young thing. He's so different from Hillary Clinton. You start stacking up three days, back to back, and it gets harder, but in the middle of something we love doing. Like if you're excited, you got adrenaline going, you love what you're doing, you're engaging with people, being with voters, campaigning, talking about what you believe in passionately and with a sense of urgency because you realize we're closer to this election. This is going to be a turning point for America. I think that's what drives me. The idea that we're gonna have a real chance to finally get this country moving in the right direction.
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